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PEACE - Programs

In keeping with its objectives, the PEACE initiative offers programs and partnerships between artists and their audiences, emphasizing multiculturalism and social renewal.

Arts for Peace events showcase the visual and performing arts as a forum for peace education through

  • exhibitions and performances at the Arts for Peace Gallery
  • workshops for elementary and high school students conducted by visiting artists and performers
  • film screenings followed by discussions on related social and political issues

Summer Camp Workshops

In collaboration with ICEP partner camps, Arts for PEACE offers one day workshops to introduce basic elements of peace education into the camps’ art programs. Launched in the summer of 2005, the inaugural workshops were held at Camp Hale in New Hampshire and Camp Molly Lauman in Ohio. The canvas murals created during these workshops were exhibited at the Arts for PEACE Gallery and then later displayed at the Queretaro Art Museum in Mexico.

Film Forum

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Arts for PEACE hosts a bi-monthly Film Forum at the International Student Center in Manhattan. Our purpose is to show films that grapple with social, political, and cultural issues, both in the US and internationally, and to foster a safe space for open dialogue and critique. Post-film screening discussions allow viewers to discuss their reactions as well as topics relevant to the film. By exposing viewers to thought-provoking media and lively discussion, we raise awareness of issues that are often otherwise marginalized.

The film forum is a free event and is open to the public. Film screenings are held at in the International Student Center Common Lounge.

Previous Arts for PEACE Exhibitions

Through My Eyes: Children’s
Drawings from WAR Zones

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Arts for Peace , with the cooperation of Amnesty International USA / Group 280 Manhattan, Human Rights Watch, The Puffin Foundation, Kitgum’s Children’s Voices for Peace, Stanley Foundation, War Child Netherlands, is presenting this exhibition of drawings made by children from Iraq, Darfur, Chechnya, Kosovo, Sudan and Uganda. The aim of the event is to draw attention to the effects of war, conflict and violence on children - but from the perspective of the children from these countries. While learning from the perspectives of these children, it is also our hope that these drawings may challenge students and adults in our culture to seriously ponder about the need to seek non-violent alternatives to resolving conflict across the world.

We are also inviting students from local schools and colleges to view the exhibition, and use the drawings as a learning opportunity by engaging in some type of creative activity through workshops we will conduct here.  We are also arranging to have guest speakers who have more experience with some of the regions that the drawings are from, such as Darfur, and Iraq, to be part of the workshops with the students.

Future Programs

In addition to our current initiatives, PEACE plans to launch several new programs in the future:

The Dialogue on Culture and Politics series
This series is an addendum of the Film Forum and will consist of seminars, conferences, and workshops on contemporary issues that affect our communities and every day life. The objective is to encourage constructive interaction among those who shape our public discourse, including artists, writers, publishers, journalists, academics and activists.

PEACE cultural exchange visits and internships
Expanding the organization’s commitment to youth leadership, future exchange programs will focus on hands-on media education to expose young people to alternative and independent media sources.
The PEACE internship program will enable young people from different parts of the world to gain experience working in the nonprofit sector in the US, giving special consideration to organizations that work to improve community life in the cultural, environmental, and political fields.

Inbound Educational Program
The Diversity as a Second Language program is one component of the International Student Center’s educational programming. The program is held over a two week period during the summer and provides a unique cultural exchange through various creative outlets. We will explore the orgins of New York City’s diversity through hands on workshops, small group discussions, and personal experiences.


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